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466 - 63 - 445

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What is the Matka Result?

If you are someone who knows a bit about gambling or betting, it would be no new information to you that Matka is an ancient form of gambling. There were quite a few genres in which Matka could be played, be it Satta Matka or even Madhur Matka. One would make bids and depend on the Matka result they would either lose or win money. Unless a decade back, the game used to be played physically. However numerous police raids and the anti-law nature of the game have made Matka completely a digital affair.

What is the current position of Matka in society?

Matka is one such game that was started roughly around the 1950s and was highly popular among the mill workers. It would originally be played by keeping quite a few numbered slips inside a big earthenware known as " Matka". Everyday bids had to be made within a certain period of time frame. Once the closing and opening rates of cotton were confirmed by the New York Cotton Exchange, the Matka result would be announced. If luck favored your side, you could also be addressed as the "Matka King". A Matka king is one who has won a lot of money by playing Matka and can be termed as quite the expert. With the changing mediums, Matka has now become a complete online affair. Wondering how to know the result in such a scenario? Well, there are quite a few websites and applications which successfully run the entire game. Each day the results are declared very systematically. The one who wins the money gets it through online payment portals. There are no cash dealings and hence it is absolutely highly proctored. Although the former glory has somewhat diminished, Matka still continues to be quite a form of entertainment for players.

Is Matka legalized in India?

The form of gambling or Satta Matka originated way back during the time of independence. However, from the very inception, it was never a lawful practice. Individuals like Ratan Khatri made it extremely famous. The amount of money they dealt with was humongous and sometimes even crossed hundreds of crores. However soon the government got well aware and there were conscious attempts to wipe off the practice. With regular police raids, the game started shifting its physical base to the outskirts of Bombay. Although very soon it was soon that conducting the game mindfully without any interventions was getting very hectic. This is when the game received a major blow. With the internet slowly being a very accessible platform, Matka also gradually returned. The convenience has made it possible to make bids online as well as declare the Matka results at one go. While you search for various web and mobile apps and websites, you’ll find that there aren’t a lot of applications that offer you a completely risk-free gaming environment. You do need to indulge in your bit of research before you choose any website. Remember that because Matka is an unlawful practice, you can resort to the judiciary in case of any fraudulent transactions.

What is Satta Matka?

Matka, as many would know, is the traditional term for "gambling" or " betting". Do you know that Matka dates way back to the times of Mahabharata and there are ample references of the same? Satta Matka is a very popular form of the game and if played strategically, might work in your favor. One could win handsomely if the luck is in your forte and earn quite a few extra bucks!


One would be astounded that this form of Matka has its origins in the bylanes of Bombay. Gambling games have always been famous all over the world. In India, one such gambling game is known as Satta Matka which began by a small group of cotton manufacturers. It is believed that Matka was quite prevalent in those days when India was ruled by the British government and did not receive freedom. The original form of "Ankada Jugar'' or Gambling with the help of figures was gotten rid of in 1960. The name Satta Matka also has a title reference. The game became popularized when slips with numbers written on them had to be pulled from an earthenware. Indians call this pot "Matka". However, it has to be mentioned that gambling has always been an illegal practice in India from the very inception. Ratan Khatri who was a Sindhi migrant from the province of Karachi is most often regarded as the Matka king. Another very prominent personality in this field was Kalyanji Bhagat. He was the major persona behind the conception of the Worli Matka. This game was immensely popular among the mill workers of Mumbai.


Matka had reached its penultimate glory during the times of these two pioneers. In many instances, it was seen that this game even had a turnover of more than five hundred crores. As the dealing was done entirely in cash, the risks were quite high. However, this form of play also had to come down majorly because it is not legalized in India. There were innumerable police operations that were conducted with the major focus of uprooting Satta Matka from the very inception. Satta Matka is a simple game of guessing the right number with the help of an entertainment source. The one who does it becomes the Satta king and wins cash. This game is known by other names as well like wagering, betting, Aankh ka Jadoo, and more. The game involves strategy and techniques but mostly depends on a person's luck. Bombay, as addressed easier, was regarded as one of the hotspots for this particular form of gambling. However, after repeated sessions of police intervention, the game had to shift its base to the outskirts. It is when it started losing its glory.

Present condition

Matka or gambling is now a very rare physical practice. It has completely procured an online format. Although it is quite a high risk in nature, the sheer popularity of the game has worked in favor. It has also become much more convenient and easy to administer. After the death of the two eminent personalities from the Satta Matka domain, the game received quite a major jolt. It is now played by many, however, the old glory and popularity have been compromised.

What is Kalyan Chart Jodi?

Many of you might be well versed with the concept of Satta or Madhur Matka because of its common nature. However, Kalyan Chart is also a variant of Satta and is highly risky in nature. The stakes are very high in this game and therefore you can actually lose a lot of money. However, if luck favors and everything goes well, you might be able to win handsomely as well.

How is it played?

The Kalyan Satta is now majorly played online and is completely a number-based game. If you are able to guess the numbers correctly, not only do you win your invested amount but also the money pitched in by others. More than skills, it is also a game of fortune. Kalyan Chart is one such variant that can make you rich or penniless in a few days. The addictive nature of the game has made it very unpopular among the youth. Just like the other variants of Matka, this one too doesn't have any offline base. All the bids and results are published online only on the dedicated websites. It is a fairly simple game with very few rules and regulations. If you start playing it regularly, you will be able to get the hang of it in a very short time. In case you are interested in going forward with the game, understand that it is very risky in nature. Study the market well before making any bids.

Knowing More About Kalyan Chart Jodi

Among numerous variants of Satta Matka, one such aspect of it is called Kalyan Chart Jodi. The game is played only on weekdays and was started in the year 1964. There are about 220 Patti, 10 figures, 100 Jodi into this Satta Matka game. Besides that, the 220 Pattis are partitioned into three main classes. They are called single Patti, two-fold Patti, and triple Patti. Kalyan Chart Jodi is considered the king of Satta but comes with a lot of risks and benefits as well. The one who wins it can become rich in no time. This game is not just available offline but these days it is available online too. People can choose a genuine website to earn cash and rewards.


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